Helping you love Merge Requests again

The helper that will remind daily or weekly about stalled merge requests or merge requests waiting to be reviewed.

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Get reminders in your Slack channel and email

You will get daily reminders in Slack and/or weekly reminders over email. You will never miss a Merge Request needing love again.

Approve these merge requests on your time

Get it to right users and ping developers to approve these merge requests in Slack or over email. Where your developers are.

Custom setup for daily or weekly reminders

Setup settings when and what you want to show in the daily reminder. You will be able to set WIP flag, labels, filtering on includes text in topic and more.

Get those Merge requests out

With the reminders it will push your team to finish the merge requests to get rid of them from the waiting list, a nice new way to never forget those merge requests because of their complexity or just because they are on the second page.

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